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Jinan Xinghua Instruments Co.,Ltd
Address:No. 9 Jian Street Jinan Shandong China
Website: http://www.xhinstruments.com

XHF-71 Dynamic Strength Tester

This instrument is mainly used for test rides at the speed of toys 2m / s when the value of the barrier imposed by force. Toys will be under test placed on the conveyor belt, the drive wheel until the toy speed of 2m / s and remain stable, the display shows the pressure sensor to the force sensing value, according to ability to judge the value of toy safety.

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Technical Parameter:

Sample Quantity 1Pc/Time
Test Speed 2±0.2m/s
Simulation Weights 25Kg/50Kg(Optional)
Block 50mmx50mm
Test Channel Width 90cm
Dimension(WxDxH) Mainframe:153x450x156cm  Control Cabinet:36x32x100cm
Weight ≈650Kg
Power Three phrases, 4 wire 380V

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