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XHY-34 Minimum Temperature Film Forming Bar

Minimum Temperature Film Forming Bar is designed for determination of temperature where a clear thin film of emulsion or water-borne latex will coalesce and forms below this point a powered, cracked film.

Standard: ASTM D2354, ASTM D1456, ISO 2115, ISO/DIS4622, DIN 53787, DIN53366.

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The stainless plate is electronically cooled at one end and warmed at the other end. Dry air flows over the surface and ensures temperature uniformity. Temperature sensors mounted at intervals control and indicated the programmed gradient. A roving sensor helps to check spot temperatures. It have dehumidity function.

Technical Parameter:


Temperature scope of gradient plate :0℃-45℃

The intervals of grade: 5±10℃

Point of temperature testing :10 points

Temperature accuracy:0.2℃

Fillister : 3 Pcs (Depth:0.2mm)

Electrical resource: 220V 50Hz, 1.5KW


Size: 1020×500×1260mm

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