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XHY-32 Auto Counting Paint Film Swing Hardness Scale

This method evaluates hardness by measuring the damping time of an oscillating pendulum. The pendulum rests with 2 stainless steel balls on the coating surface. A physical relationship exists between oscillation time, amplitude and the geometric dimensions of the pendulum. The viscoelastic behavior of the coating determines its hardness.

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When the pendulum is set into motion, the balls roll on the surface and put pressure on the coating. Depending on the elasticity, the damping will be stronger or weaker. If there are no elastic force, the pendulum will damp stronger. High elasticity will cause weak damp stronger. High elasticity will cause weak damping.

The hardness will be described as the ratio of the necessary time for the pendulum swinging within the stated swing amplitude on the paint film and the necessary time for the pendulum swinging within the same swing amplitude on the glass board. It is designed and manufactured in according with ISO 1552 to Measure the hardness of the film of painting and coatings.

Technical Parameter :

Length of swing link is 500±1mm.

Total mass of swing is 120±1g.

Ball Diameter:5mm(0.2in)

Deflection start: 5º

Deflection end: 2º

Damping time on Glass: 440±6S

Automatic Counter Range: 0-999.9S

Steel ball must be in accordance with specifications of 8 CIII in standard of GB308 .

Power: 2200V, 50Hz

Overall size: 200×150×570mm


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