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XHY-14 Krebs Stormer Viscometer

This meter suits to measure paint and other with KU value to indicate the coating viscosity. It can display the viscosity KU value of measured samples or the load value related to KU value (unit: g).

Standard:  ASTM-D562

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It is controlled by micro computer .Dispersing disc driven by special motor with constant speed to 200r/min. The resistance torque of the agitation disc receives during rotating of the sample measured will be transferred by computer to kind of logarithmic function with KU value required by the load for producing 200r/min(Normally to indicate the viscosity of brush coating and roll coating.)The operator just have to put the agitating disc into the sample to the regulated depth, the KU value and related load value can be read directly from the meter.

Technical Parameter :

Power Supply : 220V 50Hz

Dimension of paddle :54mm*7.9mm*0.8mm

Dimension of container : Φ85*85mm

Range of KU Values : 40.2~141.0KU& 32-1099g  27-5250cp

Accuracy :2% of full scale range

Repeatability : 1% of full scale range

Paddle Speed : 200r/min±0.5r/min

Overall Dimension : 180*210*470mm(L*W*H)

Weight : 8kgs

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