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XHY-21 Coating Cupping Tester(Digital Display)

it is used to evaluate the crack resistance or peeling resistance of color coating and varnish coating from metal substrate by press test to deform them under specified test method.

Standard:  ISO 1520, DIN53156, BS3900.E4

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This tester determines the tensility and adhesion of paint film on surface of metal. It presses a
steel ball of 20mm diameter on the unpainted side of test plate with certain force. Rotate the hand wheel at certain speed (recommended at 0.2 mm/s) to move the steel ball upward and observe the surface of test plate by amplifier. When the test plate deforms and the first crackle is observed, stop rotating the hand wheel immediately, and read out the value of cupping depth from LCD display screen.


Technical Parameter :


Manual operation, digital display, division value:0.01mm

Dia. of Punch: Φ=20mm

Precision of dent:0.05mm

Max Cupping Depth: 10mm

With amplifier/battery illumination


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