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XHL-05E Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

Horizontal Tensile Strength Machine is mainly used to determine the tensile strength of electric cable, optic cable, steel wire rope, steel strand and other rope material. The testing machine adopts hydraulic cylinder to load, load cell to measure, computer to print and computer to display test data and other advanced technology.

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Technical Specification of Horizontal Tensile Strength Machine:

Max test force (kN): 500KN, 1000KN, 2000kN (Other capacity also can be selectable)

Range of test force: 2%- 100%

Accuracy of test force: better than ±1% of indicating value

Resolution of displacement: 0.01mm

Max piston stroke: 1100mm

Tensile Testing Space( not include piston stroke) : 500-6000mm (Can be customized)

Testing Speed: 0-80mm/min

Fast Pull Speed without load: ≥200mm/min

The height of test center: 350mm

Machine Dimension: 9000x1200x500mm

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