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XHL-02 ASTM D3584 IFD Foam Compression Tester

The XHL-02 computer control foam compression tester is special designed to perform foam compression test, also applicable in testing the rubber, plastic film, cable, fabric, yarn, paper , aluminum board and so on. All operation procedure is fully automatic

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Testing Standard: ASTM D3574, ASTM 2724, ISO 2411, ISO 1856, ISO 3386, ISO 1798...etc.


Features of XHL-02 Foam Compression Tester :

Auto controled:High performance governor system

High performance ball screw transmission and servo motor to make the machine running quietly

The mechanical and software limiter can ideally protect the equipment

Computer fully controled,easy to operate

Windows based software

Test results shown as graph

The graph can be zoomed and detail analysis

Customer can edit the report

The data can be sent to excel,word

Statistical analysis requirements

Printable report


Technical Parameter: 

1. Load Cell : 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N, 5000N

2. Strength Measurement Precision : ±0.5% of the indicated load value, measurement range from 0.4% to 100% of the load cell capacity. 

3. Strength Resolution : 1/500000 

4. Precision of displacement : 0.0025mm

5. Crosshead Speed : 0.01—500mm/min (Arbitrary Setting)

6. Speed Accuracy : +/-1%(0.01~10mm/min)  +/-0.5%(10~500mm/min)

7. Stroke (After install the grips): 600 mm 

8. Compression space: 600mm

9. Compression Clamp: 150mm diameter (Other dimension can be selected)

10. Power : 110/220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phrase

11. Dimension : 520×380×1500mm  

12. Weight : 110kgs

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