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XHF-20 Water Absorption Tester

Fabric Water Absorption Tester  device is designed to test the ability of terry fabric to rapidly absorb and retain liquid water from surfaces such as human skin, dishes, and furniture in accordance with ASTM D 4772.

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A measured amount of water is poured through the funnel and onto the fabric that has been secured to the fixture.  The water captured in the lower pan is subracted from the original amount to determine the amount of water that was absorbed.

Standard: ATSM D4772

Technical Parameter of Water Absorption Tester  :
Funnel Capacity: 250ml

Space between bottom of pour spout and specimen: 2-10mm

Distance between bottom of pour spout and outside of hoop: 28-32mm

Angle between hoop and horizontal surface: 60°

Pan Size: 250×190×30mm

Instruments size: 180×140×220mm

Weight: 12 kgs

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