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XHF-03B ICI Pilling Box Tester

The ICI Pilling Box is for testing fabric pills when pilling grade is evaluated for wool fabrics and other fabrics easy to pill.

Standards: EN ISO 12945.1, IWS TM152, BS5811, JIS L1076, ASTM D3939.

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Features of XHF-03B ICI Pilling Box Tester:

1 Fitted with digital electronic counter, can self-verify tester by comparing readout from them

2. Electronic counter can record accumulated number of test cycles automatically, also easy to reset the counter, auto-stop when reach set testing times.

3. Simplified designing, more convenient to operate, and easy to maintain

4. Synchronous speed motor drives the test boxes, ensuring constant speed of rotation.

Technical Parameter:

Revolution of pill box: 60±2 r/min

Size of inner box: 235×235×235mm (L×W×H)

Number of turns: 1-99999

Quantity of pill box: 2 or 4

Specimen mounting tube size and weight:32×140 mm, 52.5g

External Dimensions: 860×480×880mm

Weight: 95kgs

Power Source: AC220V/380V 50Hz

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