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XHF-ET-3 Fabric Friction-Type Electrostatic Tester

Fabric Friction-Type Electrostatic Tester: A fabric specimen is mounted on a rotary drum and mechanically rubbed against a stationary rubbing cloth as the drum rotates. The electrostatic potential caused by the friction between the specimen and the rubbing cloth is measured by a detector electrode during the rotation cycle.

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Standards: JIS L1094, ISO 18080-2


Technical Parameter:


Electrostatic voltage test range: 0 -10kV, Accuracy: +/- 1% 

Rotary Drum: outside diameter 150mm, the width: 60mm

Drum Rotation Speed: 400 rmp (Friction speed: 190+/-10m/min)

Tension Load: 4.9N (500g)

Timing: 0-9999.9s, error ±0.1s (adjustable)

Dimension: 650mm×380mm×470mm

Weight: 50kgs

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