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XHF-03F Brush, Spong Pilling Tester

Pilling Tester is a six-station tester used for evaluating textile pilling fabric pilling, woven material pilling or leather abrasion resistance.

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Test samples are typically rubbed against known abradants such as nylon brush, sponge, or Velcro for a set number of cycles and then compared to industry test standards (such as ASTM D3512) or standards developed in your own lab to document the degree of pilling.

Standard: FORD BN-108-03, GM 9652P, ASTM D 3511

Technical Parameter:

The plate incluing polyurethane foam Circular specimen holder: 660g

Height of nylon brush: 25.4mm

6 holders, rubber edge grips, sandpaper

Speed: 58r/min

Spong dimension: 51 × 102 ×152 mm

Digital counter: 0-99999

Dimension: 914 × 305 ×381mm

Power: 220V, 50Hz

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