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XHL-02T Textile Tensile Strength Tester

XHL-02T Textile Tensile Strength Tester is a new generation of tester with innovative design, convenient using, excellent performance and pleasing apperance, this tester is special deigned in testing textile.

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StandardISO13934.1, ISO13934.2, ISO13937.2, ISO9073.4, ISO13936.1, ISO13936.2, ISO13935.1, ISO13935.2, ASTM D5034, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2261, ASTM D5587, ASTM D3936, ASTM D4964..................etc.


Test Function: 

Constant Speed Tensile Test

Peeling TestTearing Test

Seam Slippage Test

Bursting Test

Definite Elongation Test Load Test

Definite Load Test Elongation Test

Elastic Recovery Test


Technical Parameter:


Max Force: 5000N

Precision of measurement strength : ±0.5% of the indicated load value

Resolution of measurement strength : 1.0N

Gauge Length: 20-350mm ±1%

Jog speed: 2mm/min-1000mm/min

Return speed: 2mm/min-1000mm/min

Speed accuracy: ±2%

Effective stroke: 700mm (also can be customized according to customer’s requirement)

Resolution of stretch: 0.1mm

Pre-tension method: a: manual pretension fixture   b: intelligent setting

Clamping method: manual or pneumatic

Machine dimension: 380×480×1450mm

Machine weight: 120kgs  

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