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YD Tablet Hardness Tetser

YD Series Tablet Hardness Tester is special tester for tablet hardness measurement.

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YD-1 Manual Tablet Hardness Tester


The unit can transform a key.
It adopt high precision press sensor to ensure high test accuracy and repeatability,
It tests tablet hardness continuity. The tablet is loaded and pressed artificially. 
Its data displayed and locked automatically. The tester resets automatically, 
Automatic linear error correction, automatic fault diagnosis 
About all components are selected in the imported or high quality ones.
It can be operated conveniently by using keys. Its measurement result 
displayed by LCD.
Simple and direct constructions made its outward appearance pleasing to the 
User can calibrate the machine with standard weights periodly.


Hardness range 0.2-20Kgf, 2-200N
Hardness accuracy Max. *(±0.5%)
Hardness resolution 0.01kg, 0.1N
Moving distance of probe 2- 20mm
Power 110V/60HZ
Dimension 280mm *180mm *110mm

Weigh 6Kg


YD-2 and YD-3 Automatic Tablet Hardness Tester


One key switch the unit.
It adopt high precision press sensor to ensure high test accuracy and repeatability.
Measurement method: Manual single test/ Autmatic continuous test.
System can automatic load and press tablet, automatic display, automatic lock, automatic reset, automatic cycle test, automatic linear error correction, automatic fault diagnosis 
Have analysis and statistics function (max, min, standard deviations...etc)
Fast measure tablet diameter.
YD-3 equiped with fast microprinter for printing the results.


Technical Parameter:


Hardness range: 0.2-20Kgf, 2-200N
Hardness accuracy: Max. *(±0.5%)
Hardness resolution: 0.01kg, 0.1N
Repeatability: ±1%
Moving distance of probe: 2- 40mm
Test quantity each group: ≤100 Pcs
Power: 110V/60HZ
Dimension: 400mm*240mm*140mm (YD-2) 500mm*400mm*160mm (YD-3)

Weight: 10Kg (YD-2) 12 Kgs(YD-3)

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