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EXF7800 Gold Purity Testing Machine

Upgrading the display screen and the circuit ,no need to connect with an external computer;
professional fashion design with multi-node pre-start installations and the real-time monitoring system; The cover locks and electronic locks are making day-to-day management more convenient; In order to ensure the user security, it’s installed the automated anti-radiation device.

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Detailed features:

Analysis Elements: Au , Ag, pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu, n, Ni, Cd, In
Analysis Range:1%~99.99%
Test point dimension:1~2mm
Sample Chamber Size: 0~90 mm
Spectrometer Size: L500 mm*W500mm*H400 mm

Test Time: Confirm the elements in 1~3 seconds, operator could set the time for testing the elements indensity.)
Test Precision:+/-0.1% The Precision could keep 0.1% after several repeated test)
High Pressure Template:4~50Kv
X-Ray Source: Mo Material X-ray light tube( Wind Cool, No radiation)
Max. Power: 120W
Weight: 50Kg
Detector: Hermitic Proportional Counter with Micro processor
Coated layer measurement: Coated layer thickness Range <30μm
Eight fans of the circulatory system, Temperature control system can protect themselves

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