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XHL-08 Universal Hardness Tester

XHL-08 Universal Hardness Tester is motorized Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester, a multi-functional hardness tester with Brinell, Rockwell &Vickers 3 kinds of testing methods and 7 steps testing force will meet the needs of many kinds of hardness measurement


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.XHL-08 Universal Hardness Tester is adopted automatic shifter to load, dwell and unload testing force, rotate the Load-Change Hand Wheel to change values of testing force, therefore the operation for this instrument is simple, easy and quickly. Beside set zero to the dial, there is no man made error for operation. The present instrument is with high sensitivity and stability, so as fit for usage in workshop and testing laboratory.

Technical Specifications:


The Initial Test: Force: 98.07N (10Kg) Tolerance: ± 2.0%

The Tolerance of Total Test Force: ± 1.0%

The Test Force of Brinell Hardness: 306.5N (31.25Kg), 612.9N (62.5Kg), 1893N(187.5Kg)

The Test Force of Rockwell Hardness: 588.4N (60Kg), 980.7N (100Kg), 1471N(150Kg)

The Test Force of Vickers Hardness: 294.2N (30Kg), 980.7N (100Kg)

The Indenter Specifications:

The diamond Rockwell indenter

The diamond Vickers indenter

The ф1.5875 mm, ф2.5 mm, ф5 mm ball indenter

The Power Source and the Voltage: AC220V±5%, 50-60 HZ

Time-delayed control: 2-60 seconds, can be adjusted

The Distance from the Indenter Central Point to the Instrument Body:165mm.

The Max. Height of the Specimen:

The Max. Height of the Specimen for Rockwell Hardness:170mm

The Max. Height of the Specimen for Brinell & Vickers Hardness: 140mm

The Amplification of Microscope: 37.5X , 75X

The Overall Dimension of tester: 520X240X700mm(Length X Width X Height).

The Total Weight of the Tester: 85Kg

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